»Collection of segregated Bio-Medical Waste

»Transportation to CBWTF

»Unloading the Vehicle to the temporary storage room at site

»Fumigating / disinfecting / cleaning of vehicle

»Categories / batch wise treatment of collected waste by incineration, Autoclave & Shredder

»Effluent treatment of the water generated during treatment of Bio-Medical Waste & reuse of Treated waster for Plantation / cleaning purposes

»Storing the ash from Incinerator for Secured Land Fills / Municipal Land Fills

»Autoclaved & Shredded disinfected waste to be recycled.



Segregated Bio Medical Waste labeled & packed in color coded bags (as per Bio Medical waste management rules) are collected daily from central collection point of HCE's.



We maintain a Fleet of sufficient number of containerized vehicles such as Tata Ace / Mahindra Pickups / Maruti Van / Three Wheelers. Each vehicle displays the Bio-Hazard symbol as specified under schedule-III of the rules.


Treatment & Disposal:

Bio-Medical Waste is treated & disposed off strictly as per Bio Medical Waste (M & H) Rules 2016 as amended to date.